Top 3 Photo Management Apps

One of our biggest bugbears here at Simtek World is seeing phones wasting data, with people not being able to use their smartphones to their fullest capacity due to the memory being clogged up by pictures. As we are in generation Selfie this issue is only going to worsen, with iPhones around the world ram packed with pictures. With the growth of camera technology the need for photo management apps has expanded. For this reason we at Simtek wanted to explore 5 different apps that aid the declutter process.


Tidy is an app that has become extremely popular of late; doing exactly what it suggests it does - tidy! The app was produced by Covworks and is known for being a slick way to help organise a messy camera roll. say that:

‘With our iPhones, we end up taking a lot of photos. We end up taking images of things that we find funny and want to share, stuff we want to remember later for reference’.

Tidy therefore provides a great solution to a modern problem.

It is not only the functions of the app that have been celebrated but its design also. The stunning iOS 7 interface is very easy on the eye, with lots of whitespace providing a clean image.


QuickPic is an application that helps you locate specific photos quickly, permitting users to show friends and share images on social networking sites. Also sporting a clean interface the management app is very easy to navigate around, structured in an extremely user-friendly fashion.

Showcasing many of the same qualities as Tidy the only thing QuickPic is criticised for is not providing locations for your photos or ways to search by location.

Where this may not be a big issue for many it can be for those passionate about keeping their diary of images, wanting to quickly show a friend or family member a snap from their holidays.


MyPhotoPro allows users to ‘organise their photos like a pro’, giving their customers unlimited photos and groups to play with. Being named a ‘smart photo manager’ it does seem to boast more popularity than many other applications of this nature. 

MyPhotoPro also permits users to protect their personal data with secret albums and an app lock feature, a function that will be appreciated by many.

The benefits of installing image management apps is plentiful, freeing up your phone to make the most of the memory. If you are looking for a way to clear up your camera roll then we at Simtek World highly recommend installing one of the above apps. 

Let us know how you get along!