6 Ways to Save iPhone Battery

Bad iPhone battery is a universal problem that we all feel the brunt of on a daily basis. With mobile phones being used for a plethora of reasons, from business and education to creativity and socialising, it is imperative that we get the most from our Apple products. Here are a few ways in which you can make your battery last longer.

Tweak brightness

Brightness can be a real drain on battery juice and although the iPhone has autobrightness it can be more beneficial to deactivate this, changing the brightness of your screen manually.

With altering the brightness requiring you to go into Settings you can alternatively download SmartBright, an app that makes it easier to brighten and dim the screen.

Disable Bluetooth 

If you have Bluetooth on right now then the chances are you probably do not need it with Bluetooth technology slowly dying out of fashion. Where it can be a good way to connect your smartphone with your car it is a lot less popular than it once was.

As well as proving to be a less popular iPhone feature it is also a big time battery-drainer.

Turn off Autotime
The iPhone can automatically update its time depending on where it is in the world. Because the iPhone has to keep itself aware of where it is it requires power to do so. Tap Settings > General > Date & Time and change Set Automatically to Off. 

This could see you save more than 30 minutes of battery per day. 

Avoid gaming

Although it sounds like a pretty obvious way to save battery avoiding playing games can be the best way to preserve your phone’s life. Being the 21st century way to tackle boredom games can come in the form of extremely juice-draining apps. 

According to Mac World:

‘Heavy use of the processor and GPU, for 3D games, or the GPS chip, for maps and location-based apps, uses up more energy than reading content in iBooks, for example.’

So, if you really are bored get stuck into a good novel rather than a game.

Turn Siri off

If you have an iPhone then you will agree that Siri is a pleasure to have around and although a great companion she is directly fuelled by battery.

The sensor to make her work is active whenever your phone is unlocked so if it detects that y your phone is next to your face it will make Siri listen automatically. 

By deactivating Siri for when you do not need her you can save a lot of juice.

Disable background App 

If you want to get the most out of your battery, turning off Background App Refresh will help. Before the latest update you could turn these off by double tapping them, now you simply swipe them away, freeing up your iPhone’s demand. 

With so many features and functions being used all at once iPhones can get easily drained. By making a few changes to the way you use your iPhone you could get up to four hours more from a whole charge.

If you are experiencing bad battery life then why not take a few of these tips on board. You may be pleasantly surprised just how much longer your phone will last.