The Future of Wearable Technology

We have been teased with wearable technology for many years with numerous companies claiming to be designing the best tech watches and jewellery the world has ever seen. Here are just a few products that we believe could stand the test of time. 

Audi Watch

Audi recently revealed plans to launch a watch, forming a coalition with LG to do so. Not only will this watch lock Audi’s latest models but it will also be able to detect tyre pressure issues as well as deliver and receive phone calls, proving to be far from a one-trick-pony. 

With a very James Bond feel it is suggested that the watch will even be able to start the engine with a simple tap!

Tech Jewellery for Fitness

With the nation having a new found love for keeping fit and healthy the need for technology that fits in with this lifestyle has heightened, causing many companies to release innovative watches and calorie counters onto the market. 

“Mobile health is following a very similar evolution to weather forecasting, going from simply going outside, through barometers to sophisticated computational forecasting,” said Riaan Conradie, a computational biologist and founder of LifeQ. 

It seems that health is an industry that could single handedly run away with wearable technology, taking it to its limits.

“You started with going to the doctor for a snapshot of your health, but it was very hard to know how hard to run before causing injury. Now we’re overwhelmed by the number of devices, with metrics everywhere, spitting out data you don’t know what to do with.”

It is true that when out on the road it is hard to miss the runner next to you resembling something from the future, strapped and wired to watches, iPods, smartphones and other digital apparatus, but, which will really last in this ever in revision industry? 

Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyser

It has been said that golfers and geeks go together like fish and chips, with avid sportsmen extremely passionate about incorporating technology into their swing. The Zepp Golf Swing Analyser uses 3D technology to help golfers work on their style, monitoring the movements of the wrist. 

The devise measures two centimetres square, a centimetre wide, weighs 6.3 grams. Clipping to the back of the golf glove it is is loaded with sensors that break down the swing action in some detail without the heavy lifting, allowing player to see where they are going wrong and improve. 

This can be purchased for £109 on Amazon.

Let us know which devise you like from these three by leaving your comments below.