Over the years, it's become a reality that with each passing year, comes a newly updated iPhone with specs far greater than what you might be currently using. However, if you're like me this won't phase you, as I tend to always have a connection with my current phone, so I never actually look at the new sets or brands, but I take it too far or I did this last time, as my iPhone 6 was screaming, its time to let go, to deaf ears, most times simply just repairing what I can. However, I eventually listened or I had to, for the signs became glaring. So to those like me, who has that special connection with their iPhones, and might not know when to let go, and when to repair, below we shall highlight signs your iPhone might be used to scream at you, dude time to let me go or when it just needs a normal iPhone repair. They are:

Inability to Upgrade to The Latest IOS Version: This is perhaps the most sufficient reason to replace your iPhone with a new one. However, it is also the most overlooked, as people tend to not see the merits of upgrading to the latest version. The thing is, we should always upgrade our iPhones to the latest operating system, as updates often fix problems or issues in the older version, that most times leave your iPhone open to cyber attacks. Apart from this, updates often bring along with it new clinks and tricks for our user pleasure. Currently, the latest version of the iPhone operating system, is 12.0.1 and carrying out an upgrade to it, doesn't seem like a bad idea.

Your iPhone Screen Is Extremely Cracked: This is the most common and silliest of all, common in the fact that, who hasn't experienced a crack screen, and damn well silly cause its something that's easily avoidable. At a stage where your screen has gotten cracked to let's say 10% of your full-screen view, get it repaired, no delay no excuse. This is because, if you leave it be, saying its manageable and can't possibly spread any further, you'll be shocked when 10% becomes 90%. This increase in deterioration will also bring problems towards the LCD and you will start viewing blurry lines and black dots on the screen. Also, in cases of extreme cracks, you might get your finger injured. In such situations, as the last two mentioned, get it replaced and get a new one.

Constant Lagging: Basically, situations arise where you can't get anything done because your iPhone is always lagging. On the upside, this is a major test of your patience and how understanding you can be. However, that aside this is an issue that stems from lack of adequate storage space on your iPhone, which leads to slowing it down and consequently your applications freezing. For this, it is adequate to clear your storage space and upgrade the operating system, as well as disabling motion effects or take the leap and get a new iPhone. However, it is pertinent to make sure that your iPhone isn't acting that way due to some fault that can be easily rectified or warrants mere iPhone repair.

Battery Problems: Take up your phone and google iPhone battery. The majority of the answers will be on people asking and requesting when is the appropriate time to change the battery, how do I replace my iPhone battery, what to do when my iPhone battery is giving issues and so on. It should be noted that normal phone problems and defects other than battery defects, can actually grant you a full day of using your iPhone. However, when you have battery defects, your iPhone dying around 12 noon when it was fully charged by 10 am, becomes an experience you wish you never had. So, if you are quickly observing that your iPhone tends to die faster than usual, even after a full charge, it might be time to do what's needed, either get a new iPhone or get a new battery. This problem often arises when you charge your iPhone incorrectly, also your iPhone battery dies a little bit, each time you charge your phone from the starting pace of zero.


Lack Of Storage Space: Most times a telling factor can be as simple as insufficient storage space. We've all had or heard of that situation where your iPhone can't save a single picture, due to lack of memory space. This often the fault of our applications, as the more sophisticated our phones get so to do our applications and this leads to an incredible increase in size, which in turn takes its toll on your iPhone. However, this ain't so severe anymore, as the new versions of iPhones come in large memory sizes in other to checkmate this issue. So if you still connected to the old model with less memory, get it replaced.


Summarily, if the aforementioned signs or an ounce of them, becomes part of your everyday life, its probably telling it is time for a change. However, sometimes there's still always room for iPhone repairs especially when the problem or issue is at its infancy stage. To this, if you are in the Cardiff area, do take me up on this offer and get your change of the iPhone screen, getting a new iPhone or general iPad or iPhone repair here with us at Simtek World. You can also visit  for a better understanding of our services. We do hope the aforementioned signs are of proper help to you when dealing with your iPhone.