About Us

Our mobile phones are in constant use, making it all the more important for a repair to be carried out in the fastest about of time and without delay. Many business' send phones away causing you to wait weeks on end for the repaired device to be delivered back. Others keep minimal stock, meaning your repair will take the time of part delivery added to the process of repairing the device itself. Simtek World avoids all this, by having parts in stock, ready to be fitted, ensuring the customer waits the least amount of time required. We also offer our postal service for customers that cannot make it direct to our location in Cardiff.

Along with speed we are able to offer a high quality level of repair on all brands and networks. Our technician's are in-house and have a wealth of experience, they can also offer specialist advice and maintenance tips to keep your device in the best condition. Any issue with your phone, tablet or computer, Simtek are the ones to ask.

Our wide range of expertise also venture into iPods, iPads and other tablets, Laptops, Desktop PCs, PSP, XBOX 360, PS3, Wii among other devices. Such a broad range of electronics and dealt with on a regular basis that you can ensure Simtek have the knowledge to get your device back to operational condition.

Our shop is open 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday), with a central location in Cardiff (Albany Road).  Also a booking service is offered, this ensures we have the correct item/variation in stock for your device, along with allocating you your desired time slot for repair.

As you can see all your repair needs can be handled by Simtek. Smaller jobs such as network unlocking or screen changes can possibly be completed while you wait. Larger issues may take a few hours and will require you to return, either way you can be confident our technicians are working to get the repair completed in the minimal amount of time.

Sim Tek World Ltd, 3 St Martins Row, Albany Road, Cardiff, CF24 3RP