iPhone Repairs

iPhone repairs  

In the digitally-savvy world that we live in, we all use our phones to do pretty much everything. From sending emails to navigating ourselves to meetings, the mobile phone now sits at the centre of our professional lives. This is why when a smartphone is out of use, our working day can go pretty pear-shaped. Whether it be a cracked screen, faulty battery or water damage, here at Simtek we understand the need to support businesses with fast, professional and affordable phone repairs services 

Your local phone repair partners  

Whilst based in Cardiff City Centre, we are helping businesses across South Wales, particularly in demand for to our collect and delivery service. This means, if your company phone or phones are in need of repairs, we can collect them, repair them and bring them straight back to your place of work; removing the need for you to hang around and waste time at repair shops 

What phones can Simtek repair? 

We have the ability and equipment to repair all iOS, Windows and Android phones. Whether you are having issues with your iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone 10, Samsung Galaxy or even your Google Pixel device; be sure that we can offer a prompt repair service to get you up and running again in no time.  

What repairs can you do?  

Here at Simtek, no job is too big when it comes to phone repairs. Below is just a snapshot of the services we are providing the businesses of South Wales with on a daily basis: 

  • Screen replacement
  • Screen repair 
  • Battery replacement 
  • Home button repair 
  • Refurbishment 
  • iPhone conversion 
  • Cover replacement 
  • Loudspeaker repair 
  • Microphone repair 
  • Earpiece speaker repair 
  • Dock connector repair 
  • Lock/power button repair 
  • Silent/mute switch repair 
  • Volume button repair 
  • Headphone jack repair 
  • Vibrate motor repair 
  • Camera repair 
  • Proximity sensor repair 
  • Light sensor repair 
  • Wifi/GPS signal repair 

Enquire about business phone repairs today  

If you have one business phone or a large collection of phones in need of repairing, then contact the Simtek team today. Offering a free, no obligation quote, we can give you an insight into how long your repairs are going to take and how much they will cost.