Console Repair

Do you have a broken console hanging around the house? If so, allow Simtek World to help. Our team have years of experience getting gamers back playing, hardly ever coming across a fault that we cannot fix. Whether you are a hardcore Call of Duty fan or are restoring a vintage Nintendo, we sport both the experience and knowledge to help you with your issue.

Consoles we can fix 

We can offer free quotes to repair the following consoles:

  • Playstation 3, 4 ( slim & original )
  • Xbox (all editions)
  • Nintendo wii, DS
  • PSP vita / go / psp 1000-3000

And much more!

Should I start to take my console apart myself?


Far too regularly do we see gamers trying to fix their consoles themselves at home, often resulting in additional faults. As soon as you start to see or experience an issue with your console seek the help of Simtek World. The sooner we can start the repair process the sooner you will be engrossed in your favourite game once again.

Repair services

Our services include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Tray repairs
  • Laser repairs
  • General hardware failure repairs
  • Part repairs
  • Button replacement

And much more!