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Modern-day business is centered on connectivity, with professionals needing to access the internet at all times and at any location. Having been working with businesses for many years, we at Simtek have noticed a shift the companies' tech needs, having to built out our range of services to remain the number one choice for business technology solutions in South Wales. Now existing as a full-suite technology business, below is a breakdown of the latest services we can offer your business.

Mobile contracts 

Whether a small startup or a large corporation, the need for reliable mobile phones will quickly become apparent.

Here at Simtek, we now offer mobile phone contract solutions, ensuring you and your team are on the right network, airtime plan and smartphone solution. To do so, will get to know you and your needs, building plans that allow you to work faster, smarter and in a cost-effective fashion.

Our solutions include:

  • SIM only packages
  • Small business contracts
  • Large business contracts
  • And much more!

Data Lines

Whatever industry your business operates in, it will need access to the internet to be able to function. From conducting research to answering emails, the average person now spends 86% of their working day connected to the internet. Only working with trusted suppliers, the Simtek team work to create bespoke packages, reviewing your current setup and making improvements to suit.

So, however large your appetite for data, be sure that we can help your business be as productive as it possibly can.

Fixed Lines

In recent times, Simtek has become highly regarded for business-strength, high-quality fixed line telephone packages. Working with some of the largest telecom businesses in the country, we boast the knowledge and know-how to build a tight telephone line infrastructure, one that can support your business' plans. From standard analogue lines to SIP, we have the best solution for your business and workforce.

iPad Leasing

In recent years, technology leasing has risen in popularity, allowing businesses to gain access to the latest technologies without having to buy devices outright. One area that has experienced significant growth is iPad leasing. This is due to their multi-purpose nature. Professionals can use iPads for a range of needs, with its mobile nature making it a versatile piece of equipment that can be used during meetings at the office, on the road; literally anywhere.

Here at Simtek, we can provide affordable iPad leasing options, whether you are looking to lease.

We can supply with great protection solutions for your iPad, depending on your industry. We can supply glass protection, stylus and ipad stands.