iPhone Screen Replacements

iPhone repair in Cardiff, is it worth it?

You know the feeling, a mild heart attack when you just dropped your iPhone again and the panic caused when you have a cracked screen!! There is utterly no need to feel that way. You are not alone, there are nearly 5 million phones being repaired almost every day. So is it better to buy a new phone or repair your iPhone’s cracked screen? You may be wondering if it is worth repairing an iPhone screen or how much it would cost to repair iPhone Cardiff. Let us explore your options here.

What is the cost of iPhone Screen replacement?

To understand which would be the right decision, you need to do a simple research. If you walk into an apple store you will realize that they will charge you about $225 to replace the screen and take several days to do the repairs. They have about 300 locations across the UK and getting a replacement can be a real hassle. With such high costs it makes no sense; in fact, you can get a new iPhone of a cheaper variety.

Moreover, your phone may have other issues that may add up the repair cost. Getting a repair cost estimation before actually repairing it is a smart solution. When you ask your family, friends or even the cell phone technicians about this, each would give you their own opinion thereby adding more confusion to your decision of whether to get a new phone or getting it repaired. So how do you conclude when it is time to replace your iPhone?

When to Replace your iPhone?

In most cases, choosing to replace your iPhone with a new device works out to be a more expensive option. However, there are a few situations where replacing your iPhone may be the right decision.

If your phone is a few generations old, it will be worth less than what it would cost to fix the screen. In this case, it is better to sell it in its current condition and purchase a new device. Also, if you need a fully functioning phone immediately, then you may have to purchase an updated iPhone.

If your situation does not fall into one of the above scenarios, then choosing to repair a broken iPhone screen Cardiff is likely the best move.

Phone Screen Repairs – Is it The Right Choice?

If your cracked iPhone or iPad only needs a quick screen replacement, it can be restored to its former glory easily and quickly. Opting for screen repair services is the best choice, as it saves you both time and money.

In all probability, phone repair Cardiff can extend your iPhone’s or iPad’s life by several months and even years, in some cases. Repairing your device means that you can enjoy your current smartphone while latest technology is being developed and released. When you upgrade your existing phone, newer technology and hardware with various features will be available to you.

How much does an iPhone repair cost?

You can check at your local store for the cost of repairing your phone. The cost is usually below $100 and the process is also much quicker. They may provide you a short period guarantee for the replacement and usually the guarantee ranges from 90 days to 180 days. The guarantee is not only for the screen it is also for the labour. Once a phone technician checks your phone, he will be in a position to tell you if your phone has any other issues from having been dropped.

Usually if your phone has fallen several times, your battery may also take a hit. Other than the battery, there may be several other issues, like damage to the jack or camera. Most of the local stores offer additional services as well. Some of the services offered are as follows – battery replacement, power button repairs, headphone jack repairs, microphone repairs, camera repairs, charge port repairs etc. Each of these services have their own cost involved. If you have some bargaining skills, then it would be very helpful.

You have to consider all the costs involved to get your phone repaired. Consider if you have lost any data and if the data is important. If the data took you several hours to get it or if the data would take you many hours to work on it, it is worthwhile to get your phone fixed. Certain local stores do have an option where if the phone is not repairable, you could do a trade-in. Generally, the rule of the thumb is that if the cost to do the repairs is 50 to 70% of the cost to replace your device, you may consider replacement. Trade in is a bit risky. Just think, somebody like you may have dropped their phone as well so how sure can you be that the replacement phone is worthy? If a store tells you that your phone is not repairable, verify the same with another store.

Is repairing an iPhone worth it?

In the long run, the decision to buy a new iPhone or to do a mobile phone screen replacement is up to you. Sad to say, there is no clear cut answer; but typically, it makes more sense to repair your current iPhone so you can enjoy it for longer period without breaking the bank. Always check for additional guarantees a store will offer. Check if they have any combo offers as well. Usually stores offer discounts for additional services, so choose services that are mandatory for your phone to function well like before.

While deciding, keep in mind that in addition to the current value of your existing iPhone or iPad, consider the cost of phone repair services and the time involved. You can make the right decision for your situation only when you are well informed about the costs. There is no doubt that in most cases, it is worth getting your iPhone or iPad repaired rather than purchasing a new one.

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